Scientific Community on Digital Society

  • Mario Ricciardi Universit√† Guglielmo Marconi


Our field of research deals with the interaction between CULTURAL ELABORATION AND REAL PROCESSES. We know how to use a continuous idea that is seamlessly in line with both the recent past and the prevailing dynamics that historically characterize our present society (i.e. the European society). On the contrary, we can use an idea of rupture that emphasizes profound changes: a real change of civilizations, an irreversible, general turning point, an unquestionable revolution with new players and new leading forces. DigitCult aims to define the field of digital cultures by facing the key categories that are widespread today while still maintaining a close link between cultural  elaboration and real processes, between specialist research and the spreading of relevant information. Our purpose: RE-BUILD A MAP and A CONSTELLATION OF MEANINGS AND BELIEFS IN A PROCESS OF SHARING AND CULTURAL AND SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION.

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